CVD epitaxy reactors for SiC and GaN

SiC epitaxy system – Epiluvac EPI 1000-C

• Hot-wall CVD for excellent uniformity.
• Up to 150 mm substrate diameter
• Single-wafer and manual loading.
• Well suited for R&D.

SiC epitaxy system – Epiluvac ER3-C1

• Up to 200 mm (8”) wafer diameter.
• Excellent uniformity through hot-wall topology, uniform gas flow and cell temperature profiling.
• Up to 1800 °C
• Quartz-free and ready for chlorinated processes.
• Hot wafer loading/unloading in a clean inert atmosphere minimizes particle contamination.
• Modular design with cluster configuration and several automation options.
• Suitable for low/medium volume production and R&D.

GaN epitaxy system – Epiluvac ER3-N1

• The GaN version of the above ER3-C1 system.